Discover our range of Roof Windows, Solar and Electric Roof Windows, Flat Roof Windows, Roof Balcony and Terrace Windows, and Sun Tunnels. Our high-quality VELUX windows bring light, style, and functionality to your home.

Flood any room with natural light using VELUX Roof Windows, which combine stunning design with easy operation.

Opt for sustainable options with VELUX Solar and Electric Roof Windows, reducing energy consumption. Transform flat roofs with sleek VELUX Flat Roof Windows, offering durability and exceptional thermal performance.

Extend your living space with VELUX Roof Balcony and Terrace Windows, providing panoramic views and ample daylight. Brighten up dark spaces with our Sun Tunnels, capturing sunlight and illuminating areas without direct access to natural light.

Experience the difference in your home with our diverse range of VELUX windows, enhancing your comfort and well-being by bringing more natural light back into your home!



Add daylight, fresh air, and a feeling of more space to your home with VELUX roof windows for sloping roofs. Explore our exceptional range of products below and experience the transformative power of natural light in your living space.

Standard Roof Windows

Enhance the natural lighting and airflow in your room by opting for VELUX standard roof windows. Whether it's compact rooms, staircases, or bathrooms, this window is expertly crafted to deliver generous amounts of light and fresh air.

For more spacious areas, you can optimize the dispersal of light and capitalize on the advantages of fresh air by incorporating multiple single roof windows. With our extensive range of sizes, you have the freedom to select the perfect fit for your particular space and you can choose between manual, electric, or solar-powered roof windows.

Seize the opportunity to fill your room with invigorating natural daylight and enhanced ventilation.

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